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Product liability

Law firm for product liability Stuttgart

Görtz Legal is a commercial law firm in Stuttgart specialized in product liability and product safety.

Attorney-at-law Görtz has been handling out-of-court disputes and court proceedings regarding product liability, warranty for defects and customer complaints in the B2B business for many years.

We help you to avoid product risks, to establish an efficient quality assurance system and to solve problems of your products from own production, delivery or mere selling together with your contractual partners, insurances and the authorities in the best possible way. We represent manufacturers, dealers, OEMs and end users in the enforcement of their rights or defence against them against claims for damages, warranty, according to § 823 BGB (German Civil Code) as well as according to the Product Liability Act (ProdHaftG) – nationally and internationally in Europe.

In contractual and judicial disputes, we guide our clients safely through the crisis in questions of product liability and product safety.

Attorney-at-law in cases of product defects and responsibility

In the industrial value chain, manufacturers, importers and dealers can be held liable according to contractual liability regulations and warranty law. Our commercial lawyers are experts in this field. We examine your framework agreements, supply contracts, general terms and conditions and QSV in order to be able to counteract or avoid later claims and liability.

Since 2018, in B2B business a strict liability for so-called exchange costs – dismantling and installation costs – by way of supplementary performance in accordance with § 439 Para. 3 BGB (German Civil Code) has been applied in principle. We know the current legal situation and the promising judicial defence and attack strategies.

In the event of a warranty claim, you can rely on the sound legal knowledge and many years of litigation experience of Mr. Görtz and his team for your success.

Attorneys for product liability

It is important for manufacturers, dealers and suppliers of products to know to what extent they are liable for defective goods. We tell you how you can best prevent legal liability or enforce it against your contract partners.

Product safety lawyers

Product safety requirements are constantly increasing. Product warnings or product recalls are becoming more frequent, often initiated by competitors or market surveillance authorities. When manufacturing and selling their products, companies must comply with a large number of European and national safety regulations. We will support you competently in these questions at any time.

Advice for companies

Our clients come from the economic region of Southern Germany and Europe. They are medium-sized and international companies – automotive suppliers, manufacturers of plant and mechanical engineering, manufacturers and dealers of electronic assemblies, printed circuit boards, control systems as well as components and building materials, kitchen appliances and special vehicles, construction machinery and sensors.

Legal advice on the subject of product liability

The spectrum of Görtz Legal advice ranges from preventive design advice, the development of strategies for product warning, product recall and product improvement, the examination and negotiation of framework agreements, liability limitation and quality assurance agreements, to litigation before civil courts in product liability cases, product safety, field failures and customer complaints.

Drafting, review and enforcement of contracts:
Quality assurance agreements (QSV)
Supply contracts and framework agreements
General Terms and Conditions (AGB)
Research contracts and development contracts


Litigation in product liability cases is the main focus of our work as corporate attorneys in product liability and warranty law.

Our attorneys for product liability & product safety have for many years successfully represented companies from Germany and abroad before civil courts and the authorities in the enforcement and defence of claims in product liability, warranty, guarantee, product recall and complaints.

International Commercial Law

Attorney Görtz has been successfully representing national and international companies in product liability matters for many years. He has successfully completed the course to become a specialist lawyer for international business law.

Görtz Legal is member of the european law alliance ILE connect – www.ile-connect.com – which has law firms located all over Europe.