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Corporate Law

Law firm for corporate and company law Stuttgart

Görtz Legal’s core competencies include providing comprehensive advice to medium-sized companies, shareholders and corporate bodies (e.g. shareholders, advisory boards, supervisory boards). Our corporate lawyers have many years of experience in advising small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), their shareholders and managing directors.

Lawyer for the foundation of a company

Already with the establishment of an enterprise greatest care should be put on the choice of the correct enterprise form. German commercial and corporate law offers numerous forms of business (e.g. GbR, OHG, KG, GmbH, GmbH & Co. KG, AG, Limited), all of which have their pros and cons. Together with our commercial lawyers, we advise you in a legally sound and well-founded manner on the choice of the optimal corporate form for you.

Lawyer for articles of association

A good partnership agreement is one that is adapted to your personal structures and is already forward-looking. The memorandum and articles of association should not be limited to a minimum, but should contain provisions for the event of shareholder disputes, the withdrawal of shareholders or inheritance at the time the company is founded.

However, the articles of association should not only protect the interests of the shareholders, but also the existential interests of the company itself, which are sometimes contrary to those of the shareholders. As attorneys at law in companies, we are familiar with the possibilities in corporate law to coordinate and sound out the multi-layered individual interests in the best possible way.

„Ongoing Advice to Lawyers“

A further focus of our activities is the ongoing advice on company law of the company/company and its organs (shareholders‘ meeting, management, advisory board, supervisory board). In addition to drafting contracts, articles of association and minutes of meetings, this also includes advising on shareholder disputes. We at Görtz Legal advise on corporate law in Stuttgart and Karlsruhe, among other things:

Preparation and accompaniment of shareholders‘ meetings
Appointment and dismissal of the management/managing directors
Representation of interests in shareholder disputes
action for rescissory action against shareholder resolutions
redemption of business shares

Our attorneys specializing in corporate law and company law have many years of experience in shareholder disputes. They regularly deal with contractually or legally regulated shareholder rights such as voting rights, information rights, minority rights or the right to participate in profits, but also with questions of post-contractual non-competition clauses as well as the enforcement of compensation claims upon termination of the shareholder relationship.

Lawyers for restructuring / company acquisition / company sale

We support you in the restructuring of your company, be it through splits, conversions or mergers, the formation of subsidiaries or the establishment of group structures. We will also competently assist you in the acquisition or sale of a company.

Our advisory activities at a glance:

Choice of legal form for company formation
Drafting and adaptation of the articles of association
Liability issues during the start-up phase
Establishment of advisory boards and supervisory boards
Preparation and accompaniment of shareholders‘ meetings
Representation in disputes
-consulting of managing directors, advisory boards/supervisory boards and shareholders
non-competition clauses for managing directors and shareholders
Negotiation of compensation claims of withdrawing shareholders
Legal Due Diligence
Mergers & Acquisitions
Company acquisitions in the form of asset deals and share deals
Planning and implementation of capital increases or capital reductions
Preparation of contracts and rules of procedure for managing directors, board members and supervisory board members
Ongoing corporate law advice to the corporate bodies of companies

Lawyer on the subject of compliance

The performance of compliance tasks is the responsibility of company management. By creating compliance structures, the risks of fines and compensation payments can be reduced and the trust of customers and business partners in the company can be strengthened.