Labor law for employees

With its team of specialised solicitors, GÖRTZ provides advisory services in labour law for employees.

Our solicitor Mrs. Hensger advises many companies and private clients in labour law.

Consultancy and representation

  • Termination and termination with the option of altered employment conditions
  • Contractual claims, such as wage, Christmas bonus, holiday pay, bonuses/target attainment rewards, continued remuneration, overtime compensation
  • Secondment abroad and checking secondment contracts
  • Removing time limits on a fixed-term employment contract
  • Parental leave and family care leave
  • Claim for part-time work
  • Severance agreement and settlement
  • References and interim references
  • Special protection against unfair dismissal during pregnancy, maternity leave and parental leave, as well as for disabled people and works councils
  • Suspected discrimination and compensation for damages according to the German Anti-discrimination Act (AGG) (harassment in the workplace)
  • Apprenticeship relationship
  • Minimum wage

Mandate concerning labour law

With respect to applicable deadlines in labour law (e.g. three weeks since receiving notice of termination for an enquiry into action against unfair dismissal), we recommend getting in contact with a trusted solicitor as soon as possible. As specialists in labour law, we check statutory deadlines, give you a legal assessment of the facts and the law and explain the cost risks.